Lifetime Warranted MityMounts®
DynaTech Engineering, with headquarters in Chelsea, Alabama, has established a reputation for excellence in precision-engineered automotive products. Our newest product line, MityMounts®, continues in this tradition of excellence.
The DynaTech Commitment
A commitment to engineering

DynaTech’s use of state-of-the-art technology follows a design from concept to completed product. Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology provides the best “build-to” information for manufacturers. Computer model simulation allows designs to be fully proven before manufacturing is planned. Thorough “real-world” torture testing on test “mules” and actual cars and trucks in daily service provide assurance the design has fulfilled its purpose. The “engineering first” philosophy at DynaTech has assured customers get a proven product that does not fail in even severe service.
A commitment to customer service

All DynaTech products are backed by a commitment to customer service and support. Our staff is trained to assist retailers in planning and estimating for inventory control. Shops and customers installing our products are thrilled to find a knowledgeable engineer and technician available during business hours to assist with product installation and support. DynaTech’s lifetime replacement product warranty assures customer satisfaction.
Classic Muscle Cars

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